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Upcoming Works from Pandamonium Publishing House…

Hello everyone, Just wanted to share some upcoming titles from Pandamonium Publishing House…I’ll let you know some dates closer to the time of publication:)

Upcoming works from Pandamonium Publishing House

7 Picture books

  • Deer Diary– Duncan the deer is obsessed with writing in his diary. He writes down EVERYTHING! Follow him through the woods as he meets friends with very different, hilarious problems.
  • Panda the Very Bad Cat (is at it again!)– Panda the Very Bad Cat has grown up a bit and looks a little different…but he’s still on a mission to bring chaos and mayhem to everyone in his household! Will he change his naughty ways?
  • Panda the Very Bad Cat meets Santa Claws-Panda the Very Bad Cat meets Santa Claws! Prepare to be amazed at how badly the meeting goes but in the end will Panda learn a very important lesson or will he continue causing chaos for his human?
  • Miranda the Very Loud Mouse-Everyone knows the saying, “As quiet as a mouse” Everyone except Miranda that is! She is always making noise even when she supposed to be quiet!
  • The Day it Rained Jelly Beans-What would you do if it started raining Jelly Beans? One day Mason is playing in the yard when it begins to rain but instead of raindrops, it rains jelly beans! How will he collect them? What will he do with them? And how many can he eat?
  • Martin the Tap Dancing Frog-The most talented animal in the forest is a frog named Martin. Martin has a very special skill…he is the world’s greatest tap dancer! Follow along as he tap dances his way around the forest in an amazing show that he puts on for the woodland animals!
  • Penelope the Super Spoiled Hamster-Penelope is SPOILED! She’s an only hamster that gets whatever she wants whenever she wants it. One day after throwing a tantrum she happens upon a magic mirror that changes her into a bunny with tons of brothers and sisters and shows her that being spoiled is never a good thing.

3 Middle-grade novels (Possibly 4…I’ve got something in the works that I’m waiting on!)

  • The Chronicles of Cassidy Clarke Book 1-The Cruise Ship Mystery (this will be a series of books)–Cassidy Clarke is an eighth grader who loves mystery novels. As she unwillingly embarks on a cruise ship adventure with her dad and her dad’s stupid girlfriend Angela (who she has affectionately nicknamed Angeduhh) she finds herself wrapped up in a mystery all her own! She’s accused of a crime that she didn’t commit and the only way to prove it wasn’t her is to find the real criminal! She’s in a race against the clock as she has to rely on her own sleuthing skills to solve the case.
  • The Chronicles of Cassidy Clarke Book 2– The Curse of the Cupcake Cook Off-Cassidy Clarke is on the case once again! Her best friend Sofia Hainsworth has been selected to participate in a televised cook-off. When things start to happen to the contestants and some of the front runners become very sick, Cassidy has to figure out who’s behind it before it’s too late and before Sofia is the next target!
  • The Old Farmer’s Treasure-Every summer it’s the same old thing, a two-week stay at Grandpa’s farm up north. Nothing ever changes and Adam, Jack, and Mike are bored once again. This summer something changes…the boys embark on an adventure that is sure to change their lives forever. Will they risk everything they have to find a treasure beyond their wildest dreams or will they die trying?

3 Adult Thrillers 

  • Untitled– An accident. A hospital bed. Blood. Jessica Westlake had it all, a beautiful home, successful husband and a new life growing inside of her. On the day of her final ultrasound appointment, she finds herself a victim of a deadly hit and run. Her perfect on the surface life is torn to pieces and Jessica begins to unravel the twisted secrets in her increasingly abusive marriage. Was the hit and run that almost took her life really an accident?
  • Untitled-What would you do if you found a body washed ashore? Lyndsay Richman is a travel blogger who just inherited her aunt’s house by the sea. One morning while out for her daily run she sees something on the beach. She gets closer and finally makes out the image. The body of a man with the hands and feet severed. She calls the cops and they identify the body to be Cliff Whitely a prominent real estate agent with a long list of enemies who’s been missing for months. The only problem is…Lyndsay was the last person who saw him alive.
  • Untitled-Tabitha Kane is broke, jobless and is in the midst of an ugly divorce after finding her husband screwing around on her with a woman he met at the gym. She thinks that this point in her life is rock bottom but everything is about to become much worse. She comes home to find that her apartment has been ransacked and there are intimate photos of her stuck to the walls. She immediately calls her ex-husband and he tells her that he knows what the thieves are looking for. He tells her that he is in danger and is about to be killed. Just as he’s about to tell her what it is she hears gunshots and the line goes dead. Tabitha must figure out what the thieves are looking for because her life depends on it.

Looking forward to releasing these! Stay tuned!




I'm an author and the founder of Pandamonium Publishing House. I'm a member of The Society of Authors (UK) as well as a member of the SCBWI. My debut children's book Panda the Very Bad Cat has been a massive success and I'm releasing a new title every 3-6 months. Stay tuned for more titles coming soon. I love my job as much as I love cats!

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