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Here’s What People Are Saying!

Here’s what people are saying about Panda the Very Bad Cat! I’ll continue to post more reviews over the next coming months. Thank you for your feedback.

JF MacDonald reviewed Panda The Very Bad Cat – 5 star

Bought Panda and the Very Bad Cat today for my nieces! They absolutely loved it. It was so nice to meet the author too. Wishing Panda all the success and mischief in the world!

Cin Edwards-I love the title of your book. This is my cat Panda He turned 6 in June. He is a brat. I will have to look for your book.

Thank you for donating a copy of Panda to help raise money at our bake sale! Such a great book!



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Quiz Time!

Hi Friends, 

Quiz time! Can you name all of the characters in Panda the Very Bad Cat? If YES, your name will be automatically entered to win a personalized, signed copy of Panda the Very Bad Cat! 

Post your answers in the comments section and Good Luck! 


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Looking for Authors!

Hi Friends,

As you may know, I am the proud owner of Pandamonium Publishing House. I publish some of my own stuff as well as other works and I’m currently looking for authors to send me their information about potentially looking at their manuscripts and publishing them.

Right now I’m looking for NOVELS of ALL kinds and genres! Send me a message or e-mail me at to get in touch and set up a meeting.

Here’s to your talent,


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Exciting News!

I have some very exciting news to share with you about some up and coming titles from Pandamonium Publishing House AND their release dates! Hold onto your hats because it’s about to get very busy around here!

Deer Diary-This children’s picture book will be released on October 1st 2017! Follow Duncan the Deer on an exciting and sometimes stinky adventure in the woods where he lives. He records everything he sees, hears and smells in his diary! A hilarious read with an awesome cast of characters sure to entertain readers of all ages. I’m excited to announce that this book will be 100% Canadian and will be illustrated and designed by Sheridan College students. I can’t wait for you to see it!

The Old Farmer’s Treasure-This chapter book will be released on January 15th 2018! A great read for kids in grades 3-6. Join three cousins as they go on an adventure to unearth the greatest treasure of their lives…the only question is, will they survive the traps set to dissuade them in order to reach the riches?

Stay tuned for more updates and more release dates. Plus, there will be more information coming soon on how to pre-order!

Here’s to a successful 2017!


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Cool Facts About Panda the Very Bad Cat

November 10, 2016-There’s a lot of things that the readers of Panda the Very Bad Cat may not know about the book and some of the characters, so I’m here to share a few surprising secrets!

  1. The “human” in the book is actually based on the author’s younger sister, Meghan! The character in Panda the Very Bad Cat looks just like Meghan with her blonde hair and blue eyes.
  2. The Golden Retriever in Panda the Very Bad Cat was based on the author’s brother Jacob’s dog! His name is Milan and he is five years old.
  3. We held a contest online to name the fish in the book because when he was created, we couldn’t think of a name for him! Facebook friend, Charlotte Galla, won the contest with the name, “Roscoe,” and was awarded a free, personalized copy of Panda the Very Bad Cat!
  4. Panda the Very Bad Cat took approximately 1 year from conception to completion!
  5. Panda the Very Bad Cat launched on October the 1st, 2016 and has since sold 700 copies! That’s just in Canada!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes info from Panda the Very Bad Cat! Thank