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Congratulations! We Have A Winner!

Awhile back you may have read that we were having a contest where the winner would receive a free, signed copy of Panda the Very Bad Cat! The contest was remembering the names of all of the characters in the book and I’m happy to say a big Congratulations to Michael C. of New Brunswick!

He sent me an e-mail with the correct names and now I’m sending him his very own, personalized copy of Panda the Very Bad Cat signed by yours truly and Panda himself!

Here are the answers Michael gave:

Girl: Megan (Meghan) yes!

Fish: Roscoe

Dog: Milan

Frog: Martin

Cat: Panda

Great job Michael! Thanks for being a reader and for following this blog! Congratulations!


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Cool Facts About Panda the Very Bad Cat

November 10, 2016-There’s a lot of things that the readers of Panda the Very Bad Cat may not know about the book and some of the characters, so I’m here to share a few surprising secrets!

  1. The “human” in the book is actually based on the author’s younger sister, Meghan! The character in Panda the Very Bad Cat looks just like Meghan with her blonde hair and blue eyes.
  2. The Golden RetrieverĀ in Panda the Very Bad Cat was based on the author’s brother Jacob’s dog! His name is Milan and he is five years old.
  3. We held a contest online to name the fish in the book because when he was created, we couldn’t think of a name for him! Facebook friend, Charlotte Galla, won the contest with the name, “Roscoe,” and was awarded a free, personalized copy of Panda the Very Bad Cat!
  4. Panda the Very Bad Cat took approximately 1 year from conception to completion!
  5. Panda the Very Bad Cat launched on October the 1st, 2016 and has since sold 700 copies! That’s just in Canada!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes info from Panda the Very Bad Cat! ThankĀ